Group Cycling Classes Cornwall

Due to the size of the studio we are currently unable to run any Group exercise classes which meet the Government’s social distancing guidelines.

Group cycling (aka Spinning) is a fast paced cardiovascular workout that takes place on stationary bikes. The instructor will take the class through a series of climbs, sprints, jumps and descents giving a full body workout over 45 minutes in duration.

While you may doubt you could keep up, truth be told, spinning is the one class in which exercises of all levels can happily co-exist. As a participant you are in complete control of intensity and speed, and requires very little co-ordination.

What to wear

You will need a pair of trainers, tight leggings or shorts and a light weight top. (Cycling shoes are optional). It’s recommended that you also bring a water bottle and sweat towel.

Days Time
Thursdays 19:10-19:55
Saturdays 09:15-10:00