The Fitness Suite at the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre offers a wide range of strength, cardio and functional equipment. With it’s unrivalled location within the grounds of Truro School, it offers stunning views over the city of Truro and surrounding areas.

With state-of-the-art Life Fitness equipment and enthusiastic staff on hand to help you, our gym is the perfect place to get fit! On joining the gym our staff will take you through a free induction of our equipment and offer you a fitness plan to help you improve and reach your health and fitness goals.

Our gym membership options also give you great value for money and help to keep you motivated.

Free Weights

The dedicated free weights area offers members access to a wide range of bars, plates, dumbbells and kettlebells. Complete with two primal squat racks, with multi-handle adjustable pull up attachments, landmine attachments and 500kg loading capacity. The benefits of strength training include improved posture, stronger bones and joints, better co-ordination and reduced chance of injury.

  • Two Primal squat racks
  • Jordan dumbbells ranging from 1 to 10kg and 12.5 to 40kg
  • Two sets of Wolverson Predator bumper plates
  • Three adjustable weight benches
  • Olympic and Ultra Barbells
  • Dedicated lifting platform
  • Kettlebells ranging from 4 – 32kg

Functional Fitness

Our Synrgy90 training rig offers a multi-purpose approach to training and fitness. In addition, we offer a LifeFitness dual pulley cable machine. Moving your body as one by performing multi-joint movements offers many benefits to supporting everyday tasks with more ease and efficiency.

  • Rope pulley system
  • TRX zone
  • Pull up bars
  • Single cable pulley system
  • Dip bars
  • Battle rope station
  • Hand weights and Kettlebells

Cardiovascular Exercise

The benefits of cardiovascular exercise include lower resting heart rate, improved blood pressure and more efficient lungs. It is recommended that we do 150 minutes of moderate cardiovascular exercise each week.

  • 4 x LifeFitness Treadmills
  • 2 x Concept2 Ski Ergs
  • 2 x LifeFitness Cross Trainers
  • 2 x LifeFitness Upright Exercise Bikes
  • 2 x Assault Fitness Air Bikes
  • 4 x Concept2 Rowers
  • 4 x Gym Gear Spin Bikes

Resistance Training

Our range of resistance training machines offer a great addition to our free weights. Whether you’re just starting out and building some foundation strength or looking to give your strength training a boost, we have resistance machines to cater for each muscle group.

  • Seated Chest Press
  • Lat Pulldown
  • Leg Press
  • Seated Row
  • Shoulder Press
  • Leg Extension and Leg Curl
  • Pec Dec / Rear Delt Fly